At WEC, we know how difficult it is to do any project that affects our lakes, rivers and coastlines because of the technical, environmental and regulatory hurdles. Our scientists and engineers are committed to delivering successful projects, while protecting the waters we all need and enjoy.

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Meet the Team


John Durkee, P.E.


  • Former SCDHEC employee/manager
  • Over 25 years of NPDES Permitting Experience
  • Wide range of industrial experience
  • B.S. civil engineering (Clemson University) and M.E. civil and water resources engineering (U. of South Carolina)

Matt Goodrich, P.E.


  • Over 25 years of experience in the planning, design, and permitting of a wide range of public and private projects in the Southeastern U.S. rivers, estuaries and coastal areas.
  • Civil engineer and coastal engineer with experience designing and permitting projects in the water environment, ranging from ocean piers to tidal wetland restoration projects.
  • Specialized expertise in evaluating project impacts to surface water quality, especially in impaired waters.
  • Focus in computational modeling, including 1D/2D/3D hydrodynamics, water quality, waves, sediment transport and storm surge.
  • B.S. civil engineering (Lehigh University) and M.S. coastal and oceanographic engineering (U. of Florida)

Jeff deBessonet, P.E.

Senior Engineer

  • Former SCDHEC manager (30+ years)
  • Extensive Clean Water Act/regulatory experience
  • Wealth of water program knowledge and understanding about navigating regulatory processes

Kitty F. Ziober, M.S.

Environmental Scientist

  • Over 20 years of experience in environmental science as it relates to ecology, water quality, marine and estuarine science.
  • Areas of specialization include surface water quality, environmental monitoring and assessment, impact evaluations, environmental permitting and regulatory compliance (e.g. NEPA), and numerical wave modeling.
  • Range of experience includes environmental assessment, planning, and impact evaluations for marinas, waterfront development, port expansion, and navigation improvements.
Stephen Creighton Project-Engineer-Water-Environment-Consultants

Stephen Creighton, P.E.

Project Engineer

  • Over 13 years of experience in consulting, design, and construction of an array of public and private projects.
  • Broad range of experience with the FEMA Flood Risk program including flood hazard modeling, mapping, field reconnaissance, and public outreach.
  • Focus in coastal engineering, flood studies, data collection, erosion, and numerical wave modeling.
  • B.S. civil engineering (U. of Florida) and M.S. coastal and oceanographic engineering (U. of Florida).

Trent Woodham, E.I.

Engineer Intern

  • Over one year of experience in engineering consulting and design in stormwater management, particularly for roadway projects for private and public clients.
  • Experience in hydraulic and hydrologic analysis, modeling, and design as well as field reconnaissance for the design of systems to collect, transport, and treat stormwater.
  • B.S. in Civil Engineering from Florida State University, and M.S. in Civil Engineering (Water Systems) from the University of Florida.