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WEC delivers specialized services to help your team with:

  • NPDES Permitting Support
  • Mixing Zone Modeling & Analysis
  • Field Monitoring and Data Collection
  • Receiving Water Impact Studies
  • Environmental Impact Studies (EIS)
  • Site-specific Criteria & Standards
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
  • Storm Water Quantity & Quality Analysis
  • Surface Water Supply & Modeling
  • TMDL Modeling & review
  • Wastewater Facility Process Design & Construction Permitting
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Project Spotlights:

Allendale Sampling & Modeling-Water-Environment-Consultants
Allendale, SC

Allendale Biomass LTBOD Sampling & Modeling

• GEL Engineering retained WEC to prepare and complete an LTBOD sampling and analysis plan for the Allendale Biomass Plant and complete a QUAL2E model analysis.
• The analyses quantified oxidation rates for both CBOD and NBOD of the river water and permitted Allendale Biomass’s effluent.
• WEC set up and calibrated a QUAL2E water quality model to evaluate the impacts of the plant’s discharge during critical conditions and showed the plant would not impair the receiving water’s dissolved oxygen concentrations.
Archroma NPDES Permitting Support-Water-Environment-Consultants
Martin, SC

Archroma NPDES Permitting Support

• While maintaining its primary business focus, Archroma found itself with extra capacity in its treatment system and a favorable discharge location in the Savannah River.
• WEC worked with Anchroma and SCDHEC to negotiate an NPDES permit allows Archroma to leverage its treatment capacity for additional revenue.
Auriga Polymers-Water-Environment-Consultants-background
Spartanburg, SC

Auriga Polymers, Inc.

• WEC provided Auriga with NPDES permit recommendations and application renewal support.

• Services included review of existing permit limits and wasteload allocation, field measurements for bathymetry and current velocity, and CORMIX modeling for whole effluent toxicity.

Evonik Corporation, Bushy Park Facility-Water-Environment-Consultants-background
North Charleston, SC

Evonik Corporation, Bushy Park Facility

• Evonik Corporation was evaluating two potential sites for a new, precipitated silica plant, and obtaining a favorable NPDES permit was a primary deciding factor. WEC obtained the required NPDES and wastewater construction permits for the treatment and discharge of a highly salty wastewater into the Cooper River, South Carolina.

• WEC used the CORMIX model to design a single-port diffuser resulting in favorable whole effluent toxicity limits and the EFDC model to ensure the discharge would not affect the dissolved oxygen within the river.

Effluent Diffuser Discharge Modeling and Design-Water-Environment-Consultants
Charleston, SC

Effluent Diffuser Discharge Modeling and Design

• The WestRock (now Kapstone) paper plant’s existing effluent discharge within the Cooper River creates a thermal plume that attracts manatees and interferes with their normal migration pattern.

• WEC conducted depth and tidal current velocity measurements to set up and calibrate a model (EFDC and CORMIX) to simulate the discharge’s thermal mixing within the Cooper River.

• The results aided in evaluating an appropriate outfall diffuser location. Through open communication and a collaborative approach, WEC provided the preliminary design of the outfall diffuser and permitting support to increase mixing and reduce the thermal impacts.

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