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Many projects need to evaluate hypothetical scenarios on lakes, rivers and coastlines:

  • Estimating project impacts on water quality
  • Optimizing project designs and evaluating alternatives
  • Quantifying extreme design conditions (storm surge and waves)

This can be confusing and difficult!

To Succeed, you’ll need:

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  • An understanding of complex water processes
  • Staff trained on the type of model software best suited for the job

Lacking these may put your project at risk

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We know how confusing and difficult it is to design & permit projects that affect lakes, rivers or coastlines.


Water Environment Consultants (WEC) delivers the numerical modeling services you need to feel confident your project will succeed.

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Project Spotlights:

Folly Beach Fishing Pier-Water-Environment-Consultants
Folly Beach, SC

Folly Beach Fishing Pier

• WEC teamed with Wantman Group to support the design of a new fishing pier for Folly Beach, South Carolina. The design required an analysis of extreme water levels, currents, winds, scour, and wave forces acting on the structure.

• WEC used the 2D SWAN model to evaluate the wave conditions acting along the pier. The wave load calculations supported a safe and cost-efficient structural design of the new pier.

Evonik Corporation, Bushy Park Facility-Water-Environment-Consultants-background
North Charleston, SC

Evonik Corporation, Bushy Park Facility

• Evonik Corporation was evaluating two potential sites for a new, precipitated silica plant, and obtaining a favorable NPDES permit was a primary deciding factor. WEC obtained the required NPDES and wastewater construction permits for the treatment and discharge of a highly salty wastewater into the Cooper River, South Carolina.

• WEC used the CORMIX model to design a single-port diffuser resulting in favorable whole effluent toxicity limits and the EFDC model to ensure the discharge would not affect the dissolved oxygen within the river.

Naval Submarine Base-Water-Environment-Consultants-background
Kings Bay, GA

Naval Submarine Base

• Under contract with Applied Technology and Management, WEC conducted an extreme conditions and modeling analysis to support the design of waterfront security improvements at the Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay.

• WEC’s analysis included extreme hurricane storm surge simulations with the ADCIRC hydrodynamic model. The study established water level, current velocities, winds, waves, and scour potential to aid the safe and cost-efficient structural design of the facility improvements.

Charleston Harbor Navigation Channel Deepening Study -Water-Environment-Consultants-background
Charleston, SC

Charleston Harbor Navigation Channel Deepening Study

• Under contract with the South Carolina State Ports Authority (SCSPA), WEC evaluated the potential environmental effects from deepening and widening the federal navigation channel within rivers that have a TMDL for dissolved oxygen.

• Services included numerical modeling with a 3D application of the EFDC model to assess hydrodynamics, sedimentation, and water quality effects of the proposed deepening. The results were incorporated into the Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Statement and saved on the order of $100M in mitigation costs.

Duke Energy, W.S. Lee Station-Water-Environment-Consultants
Belton, SC

Duke Energy, W.S. Lee Station

WEC revised the NPDES permit limitations for temperature and whole effluent toxicity (WET) for Duke Energy’s existing and new and natural gas plants, resulting in capital and operation cost savings for the plant.

• Project included field measurements for bathymetry and current velocities, numerical modeling with EFDC, and permitting support.

Saluda County Water and Sewer Authority
Saluda County, SC

Saluda County Water and Sewer Authority

• Saluda County Water and Sewer Authority proposed a new, larger WWTP but was unable to acquire a new wasteload allocation at the existing site discharge due to existing dissolved oxygen impairments withing the Little Saluda River.
• Under contract with MDB Consulting Engineers, P.A, WEC completed field measurements and water quality modeling of the proposed discharge to demonstrate the project’s compliance with state water standards, potentially saving millions in project capital costs.
Lyman-Morse Marina-Morse-Water-Environment-Consultants
Camden, ME

Lyman-Morse Marina

• WEC conducted an extreme conditions assessment for Harbor Engineering, LLC to support the expansion design for the Lyman-Morse marina.
• The study defined storm surge, wind, and wave conditions for various return periods to develop appropriate performance and survivability design criteria.
Hurricane Storm Surge Impact Analysis -Water-Environment-Consultants
Charleston, SC

Hurricane Storm Surge Impact Analysis

• The South Carolina Ports Authority retained WEC to determine the effects on extreme storm surge levels from deepening and widening the federal navigation channel.

• WEC refined and improved FEMA’s ADCIRC model to estimate storm surge levels under pre- and post- project conditions. The analysis provided an accurate prediction of changes in storm surge elevation, which were included in the Environmental Impact Statement.

Daniel Island Saltwater Mitigation Bank Design-Water-Environment-Consultants
Charleston, SC

Daniel Island Saltwater Mitigation Bank Design

• The South Carolina Ports Authority retained WEC to design the restoration of a former 109-acre dredge spoil area into a saltwater tidal wetland.

• The project required extensive field measurements of tidal water levels, current velocities, and marsh vegetation and 2D numerical modeling to aid the wetland and tidal creek design.

• WEC prepared detailed design drawings and specifications for the wetland site, maximizing restored areas and minimizing construction costs and maintenance requirements.

Effluent Diffuser Discharge Modeling and Design-Water-Environment-Consultants
Charleston, SC

Effluent Diffuser Discharge Modeling and Design

• The WestRock (now Kapstone) paper plant’s existing effluent discharge within the Cooper River creates a thermal plume that attracts manatees and interferes with their normal migration pattern.

• WEC conducted depth and tidal current velocity measurements to set up and calibrate a model (EFDC and CORMIX) to simulate the discharge’s thermal mixing within the Cooper River.

• The results aided in evaluating an appropriate outfall diffuser location. Through open communication and a collaborative approach, WEC provided the preliminary design of the outfall diffuser and permitting support to increase mixing and reduce the thermal impacts.

WestEdge Wetland Mitigation Bank Design-Water-Environment-Consultants
Dorchester County, SC

WestEdge Wetland Mitigation Bank Design

• Terracon retained WEC to prepare the conceptual design of a tidal, freshwater restoration site from a former golf course and abandoned residential development.

• Services included site surveys, numerical modeling, and conceptual design. WEC used a 2D numerical model to simulate tidal propagation through narrow canals to aid the design of the new wetland and tidal creek system.

San Sebastian River Drainage Study-Water-Environment-Consultants
St. Johns County, FL

San Sebastian River Drainage Study

• The County needed to incorporate future risk from sea level rise into stormwater infrastructure improvements for the San Sebastian River drainage basin. To support the County, Applied Technology and Management (ATM) subcontracted WEC to assist them with evaluating combinations of sea level rise and hurricane storm surge in the drainage basin.

• WEC developed a storm surge analysis methodology to include improving the FEMA ADCIRC model for the region. WEC worked with ATM to complete the hurricane modeling analysis.

• The study results provide a more robust assessment of the storm surge and sea level rise scenarios within the upper St. Johns River and tidal tributaries, which the County can incorporate into stormwater infrastructure design.

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WEC uses these modeling tools to support project designs and provide defensible estimates of environmental effects:

Model Type

Model Software

Hydraulic & Hydrodynamic Modeling – Tides, Currents, Salinity, Temperature, Sediments & Contaminant Transport
Water Quality
Bridge & Culvert Hydraulics and Scour
Hurricane Hazards – Storm Surge and Waves
Effluent Plumes
Sediment Transport and Sedimentation
Wave Transformation
Wetland Restoration
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