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WEC provides technical field data collection to support project design and permitting, including:

  • Water quality sampling and analysis

  • Continuous water level monitoring

  • Conductivity, temperature, depth (CTD) profiles

  • Dye studies

  • Sediment quality sampling and analysis (for dredging projects)

  • Continuous waves, currents, flow, and depth monitoring with Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs)

We know how confusing and difficult it is to design & permit projects on lakes, rivers or coastlines.

Water Environment Consultants (WEC) delivers the specialized field services & permitting support you need to feel confident your project will succeed.

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Project Spotlights:

Drayton Hall Restoration Site Tide Monitoring-Water-Environment-Consultants-background
Charleston, SC

Drayton Hall Restoration Site Tide Monitoring

• WEC completed pre-construction water level monitoring for GEL Engineering and Sabine & Waters in support of the Drayton Hall Restoration Project.
• The study included continuous water level monitoring at 13 sites within a tidal wetland for the purpose of determining hydraulic improvements of the restoration site.
Hartsville, SC

Duke Energy, H.B. Robinson Plant

• WEC provided regulatory consultation services regarding 316(b) compliance for Duke Energy’s H.B. Robinson Plant. Duke needed to evaluate the thermal dilution from the lake discharge and understand the cause of stringent Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) and metals limits.

• Services included measurements of in-stream velocity, bathymetry, and temperature and development of an EFDC numerical model to evaluate localized mixing within the lake. WEC provided recommendation for future NPDES limitations and reduced the biological assessment requirements performed for 316(b) compliance.

Duke Energy, W.S. Lee Station-Water-Environment-Consultants
Belton, SC

Duke Energy, W.S. Lee Station

WEC revised the NPDES permit limitations for temperature and whole effluent toxicity (WET) for Duke Energy’s existing and new and natural gas plants, resulting in capital and operation cost savings for the plant.

• Project included field measurements for bathymetry and current velocities, numerical modeling with EFDC, and permitting support.

Long-term Tidal Current Monitoring-Water-Environment-Consultants-background
Hilton Head Island, SC

Long-term Tidal Current Monitoring

• WEC was subcontracted by CDM Smith to conduct long-term tidal water level and current monitoring at Hilton Head Island to support their design options to widen a segment of US 278.
• The study included 6-month deployments of an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) to measure tidal currents in the river and three water level gauges in the estuary. WEC also measured currents using a vessel-mounted ADCP to characterize the spatial distribution of currents beneath two bridges. The study provided high-quality, continuous current and water level measurements in the rivers over a 6-month period.
Long-term Tidal Current MonitoringWater-Environment-Consultants
Charleston, SC

Long-term Tidal Current Monitoring

• WEC was subcontracted by CDM Smith to conduct long-term tidal current monitoring in the Cooper and Wando Rivers to support the SC Department of Transportation’s evaluation of design options to widen a segment of I-526.
• The study included 6-month deployments of two Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) that measure tidal currents in the river. WEC also measured currents using a vessel-mounted ADCP to characterize the spatial distribution of currents across the river.
Saluda County Water and Sewer Authority
Saluda County, SC

Saluda County Water and Sewer Authority

• Saluda County Water and Sewer Authority proposed a new, larger WWTP but was unable to acquire a new wasteload allocation at the existing site discharge due to existing dissolved oxygen impairments within the Little Saluda River.
• Under contract with MDB Consulting Engineers, P.A, WEC completed field measurements and water quality modeling of the proposed discharge to demonstrate the project’s compliance with state water standards, potentially saving millions in project capital costs.
Mossy Oaks Drainage Project Tide Monitoring-Water-Environment-Consultants
Port Royal Island, SC

Mossy Oaks Drainage Project Tide Monitoring

• Infrastructure Consulting & Engineering retained WEC to deploy six continuous water level gauges in two tidal creeks affected by culverts under roadways.
• The study included high-quality, water level measurements for a period of 2-weeks.
• The data was integrated into a hydraulic model to support the City of Beaufort’s ongoing drainage improvement efforts in the Mossy Oaks neighborhood.
Navy Yard Dry Stack Marina-Water-Environment-Consultants-background
North Charleston, SC

Navy Yard Dry Stack Marina

• WEC was contracted by T.Y. Lin to evaluate design conditions for a proposed dry stack marina docking facility, complete with a floating wave attenuator, fixed pier, drop well and floating docks.

• The study incorporated extensive field measurements for tidal currents and vessel wave heights. WEC used the 2D SWAN model to establish extreme wave conditions at the site for a variety of storm scenarios and return periods. The project also included an assessment of sedimentation rates at the proposed dock facility to estimate future dredge maintenance needs.

Effluent Diffuser Discharge Modeling and Design-Water-Environment-Consultants
Charleston, SC

Effluent Diffuser Discharge Modeling and Design

• The WestRock (now Kapstone) paper plant’s existing effluent discharge within the Cooper River creates a thermal plume that attracts manatees and interferes with their normal migration pattern.

• WEC conducted depth and tidal current velocity measurements to set up and calibrate a model (EFDC and CORMIX) to simulate the discharge’s thermal mixing within the Cooper River.

• The results aided in evaluating an appropriate outfall diffuser location. Through open communication and a collaborative approach, WEC provided the preliminary design of the outfall diffuser and permitting support to increase mixing and reduce the thermal impacts.

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